SB 35 - Comprehensive Human Trafficking Task Force & Study

California hosts the highest rate of human trafficking in the United States yet lacks a good picture of what human trafficking looks like throughout the entire state. This bill creates a uniform system for governments and organizations to work together and includes the first comprehensive study on trafficking in California.

SB 64 - Pet Microchipping Bill

Microchipping your four-legged friends will save pets and taxpayer dollars while reducing the number of dogs and cats that are euthanized. This bill requires municipal animal shelters to microchip any dog or cat that is adopted or claimed by a pet owner.

SB 180 – CRISPR Warning Label

Requires sellers of genet therapy kits to include a notice prior to the point of sale, as well as albel on the package that states that CRISPR kits are not intended for self-administration.

SB 239 – Felony Computer Hacking

Adopts the same statute of limitations for a felony violation of Penal Code second 502 (computer hacking crimes) as a civil prosecution.

SB 245 – Pets for Vets

Calls on animal shelters throughout the state to waive pet adoption fees for military veterans. California is home to 2 million military veterans, including many who struggle to cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and could benefit from an animal companion.

SB 348 – Artificial Intelligence

Enacts proposals to ensure that state agencies drat a strategic plan for the use of Artificial Intelligence.

SB 404 – Chino Hills State Park

Requires the Department of Parks and Recreation to provide all necessary assistance for the state’s acquisition and acceptance of four specified parcels from willing sellers that are adjacent to the Chino Hills State Park.

SB 573 – Homelessness Funding

Continuous appropriation for the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) through the general fund.

SB 648 – Drone Hit and Run Prevention

Establishes a policy for operators of drones in the event a drone is crashed and damages property or injures someone.

SB 675 – CODE Act / Lottery Funding

Increases funding from the lottery to fund computer science needs in schools.


SB 991 – Reinstate Funding for Human Trafficking Victims

Since 2014 the state has committed funding for programs with a proven record of helping human trafficking victims. This year's budget failed to fund these programs, leaving victims vulnerable. The Senate bill directs $15 million to the Office of Emergency Services that will include technical assistance and training for qualified nonprofit organizations.