June 12: Join me in opposing ACA5

Friday, June 12, 2020

Dear Friend,

Discrimination is wrong in all its forms, but when the government sanctions discrimination it is especially abhorrent. That’s why I’m calling on all of us to oppose ACA 5, which will allow any public entity – including colleges and universities – to discriminate based on racial preferences. It means that you could be rejected enrollment into a university or denied a public job because of the color of your skin.

That is an injustice.

Sacramento liberals think you’ll be distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic while they quietly pass this unjust bill. It has already passed two key committees and if it makes it to the governor he has said he will support it!

This month the State Assembly will vote on the measure and then it will be up to the State Senate to stop the effort to legalize discrimination. Friends, we deserve better than this and it’s time to send a message that California rejects racial discrimination.

Join me in opposing ACA 5 by emailing me back at Senator.Chang@senate.ca.gov. I will share the responses with my colleagues in the Senate. Your voice matters.

Ling Ling Chang
29th District