July 2019 Newsletter

Monday, July 1, 2019

A Message From Ling Ling

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to report that the Audit Committee approved my request to audit the California State Lottery.

The lottery was created to fund schools and nothing more. Unfortunately, the California State Lottery has been reported for wasteful spending and nepotism. Meanwhile, revenues for the lottery have skyrocketed while funds to school have remained flat.

I’ll be sure to share the State Auditor’s findings with you. It’s been twenty-two years since the last independent audit was completed. This is unacceptable; every dollar wasted at this agency is another dollar taken away from our students.


Ling Ling Chang

Say No to Loan Sharks

Say no to loan sharks

As Vice Chair of Senate Banking & Financial Institutions, I proudly voted for AB 539, which cracks down on high-interest predatory lenders. A 200% interest loan isn’t morally sound - especially when these predatory practices disproportionately impact veterans and vulnerable families.

This historic bill places an interest rate cap of 36% on consumer loans to ensure those who take on loans in desperate times are protected. Let’s take a bipartisan stand to protect consumers from a heavy debt load that can turn lives upside down.

Upcoming Events


Community Coffee
Thursday, August 1
Stanton Central Park
10660 Western Ave., Stanton, CA
Join me for some casual converseation over a cup of coffee.

school bus

Back to School Health Fair
Saturday, August 10
Portola Park
301 S. Euclid Street, La Habra, CA
Bring the entire family for a fun filled day with free health services and activities including nutrition education, dental and vision screenings, and raffle drawings.

Nonprofit of the Month

nonprofit of month

I recently honored Healthcare & Emergency Animal Rescue Team (HEART) as Nonprofit of the Month for the 29th Senate District. HEART is dedicated to helping protect pets and people, and this amazing team has improved the quality of life for many pets and owners. I had the opportunity to collaborate with them earlier this year, and was incredibly impressed. They not only promote responsible pet ownership through education, but also inspire involvement in animal welfare issues.

Missed My Safety First Resource Fair?

Here are some tips on how to keep summer activities safe and fun:

  • Eliminate small water sources on your property. Many mosquitoes breed in small water sources in residential backyards, and they do not fly far from the source. Eliminating these water sources can reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. Be sure to scrub unused containers thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs.

  • PulsePoint Respond empowers everyday citizens to provide life-saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. App users trained in CPR and willing to assist in case of an emergency can be notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR.

  • Protect yourself if an earthquake happens.

    • If you are in a vehicle, pull over and stop.

    • Do not run outside or get in a doorway.

    • If you are outdoors, stay away from buildings.

    • Make a supply kit.